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Tips to prepare for your Family Session

Preparing for your family session can seem like a daunting task. Lucky for you, at Priceless Memories Photography By Laurie I will assist you every step of the way! Here are a few tips to get you and your family ready for the day.

  1. Pick out your outfits ahead of time, including accessories and shoes.. I can certainly help with that. If the color scheme is neutral you may not want to have your kids wearing their (although adorable) light up neon colored sneakers. Everyone forgets to plan shoes. (It happens., bare feet always look cute, weather permitting) Bonus tip: Pick something you feel confident in that's also washable. A lot of our sessions are outdoors and thangs could get dirty. Have those clothes ready ahead of time incase you need anything dry cleaned, or steamed.

  2. Know the location. I scout out locations all over South New Jersey for the perfect family photography spots. If you're unfamiliar with the location let me know and I will send GPS coordinates & pictures. Bring a stroller or bag to keep the extras items in. (a change of clothes/shoes, jackets, sunglasses, wallets/phones and anything else that leaves a weird bump in your pocket)

  3. Make those hair and makeup appointments so you have enough time to get ready before your session starts. No one likes rushing around. And remember the goal is stress free fun.

The day of your session tips:

  1. Breathe... All the chaos you've been trying to avoid may still happen.. And it will be okay and in the end you will have amazing pictures! (Mom here.. I know how it is.)

  2. Pack some bribes... err,.. incentives for the kids, but nothing too messy. . I love photoshop as much as the next person but, getting chocolate out of your kids teeth may not work.. Instead bring something that wont get all over their face and your clothes. Try pretzels, puffs, and non edible prizes. Maybe stickers or an outing as a reward. ( playing at the playground or getting ice cream)

  3. Make sure everyone is fed well and rested. Don't schedule your session during nap time or skip dinner to get to your location on time.

  4. Let me direct your kiddios.. I promise I will ask if I need help or some ideas to get them smiling. I will embarrass myself with my terrible jokes and bad singing. But keep in mind, you don't have to be looking at the camera smiling the whole time. Which brings me to tip 5.

  5. Be in the moment with your family. Enjoy snuggles, tickles, dancing, etc. You don't have to be posing & looking at the camera the whole time,. Just relax and hang out with your family.

Remember why you're doing this; For the memories. The happy memories.

Going into this with realistic expectations will save you and your kids from unneeded stress. If your little one doesn't like sitting in the grass,.. we won't be sitting in the grass. Trust that I will do my very best to capture your families loving moments. (even in-between the chaos!)

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