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South Jersey Photographer | Holiday Picture Tips

Holiday Pictures, a wonderful family tradition... Here's a few tips to prepare for your session.

- I know, I know.. Its too early to even think about holiday pictures. But you know it will sneak up on you, like it does every year! This year be prepared..

One. Pick a date now.. Sessions book up fast. You want a day that you can relax and enjoy your session. Not be rushed to "get it done" quickly so you can get your cards in the mail! Plus if you get them taken now, while the weather is still nice, it will help keep everyone in a good mood.

Two. Pick those outfits out now. Choose a few colors and only 1 or 2 patterns. You want your clothes to go together, not match exactly. Need help picking an outfit? Tell me. I will help you! Plus there are a ton of sales going on right now. Take advantage of those sale prices.

Three. Get those gifts out of the way with personalized pictures of your loved ones. I can almost guarantee any gift you open up this year will decrease in value over the next year or two, .. Can you imagine having the same phone you have now, in 5 years?.. Most people will say no.. But in 5 years you will look back at these pictures and cherish them even more. Your newborn baby will be heading to Kindergarten,... Your tween (who thinks hes a teen) WILL be a teenager,... Your high school freshman will now be off to college.. You see my point... These priceless memories will hold more value than any new gadget.

Four. Have fun! Yes, its that simple. Not everyone has to "stand up tall and look at the camera". Just enjoy your time with your family. That's what its all about. Laughter, hugs, tickles, family.. Bring a game or schedule an activity. Pick a location that is special to you. As long as you're having fun with your family, I will capture those priceless memories for you!

Five. Six. Seven. Bonus tips. Eat, Rest, Relax! We don't want hangry babies, tired toddlers or worried parents. . Ran out of time? Bring the snack with you. Throw it in a picnic basket and it can be part of your session. Didn't rest enough? That's okay too, we'll cuddle on a blanket and those pictures will be amazing also. Relax, we will make it work...

Book your session through the Contact page, call/text 856-782-9880 or send an email to

I'm looking forward to another holiday season. I hope to work with you.



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