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Lifestyle Photography

One of the reasons I first got interested in photography, over 15 years ago was to preserve memories of my first born son. Everything he did was spectacular. His tiny fingers when he was born, the cute grins while he slept, the little outfits that he outgrew within a few weeks.. I never wanted to forget any of it. So I got a camera and took pictures of it all. As my family grew, so did my photography equipment.

Lifestyle photography will always hold a special place in my heart because it saves so many of those moments. Every day activities that may seem tedious now will be a cherished memory one day. Midnight feedings, burp cloths, building a block tower only to have it knocked over repeatedly, then cleaning up the toy room for the gazillionth time... And don't forget those milestones and celebrations. First tooth, first step, first birthday. . Starting Kindergarten, Or the last day of high school and all those amazing moments in between. It goes so fast!

As much as I love being behind the camera (And I LOVE it) I definitely should have handed it off more often to be in the pictures with my beautiful family.

My oldest son is 15 now and even though I cant remember every single day or every tiny detail of the past 15 years I am forever grateful that I bought that camera 15 years ago. So I can go back to those days. <3

Here are some Lifestyle pictures of my clients from all over South NJ.

Priceless Memories Photography by Laurie is a family, children and lifestyle photographer serving south NJ in the Camden County, Gloucester County & Burlington County. I specialize in Lifestyle photography sessions, Children portraits and family on location photography.



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