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Bent But Not Broken / South Jersey Photographer

This brave little dancer was diagnosed with Scoliosis at a very young age. But that doesn't stop her from dancing her little heart out 6+ hours a week. On top of dancing for the past 9 years, she enjoys theatre & is part of the Mummers. She does all this while maintaining straight A's in school.

She is such a caring & compassionate little girl. She's trying to turn a negative situation in her life into a positive one. She wants to raise money to help other children with scoliosis. <3 Her mom posted this on her social media account.

" In honor of Hailey and her fight against scoliosis she wanted to do something positive. So she is selling bracelets and donating the proceeds to DuPont in Delaware to continue studies and help those who may not be as fortunate to get a scoliosis brace...Hailey is hoping to donate a check on the day of her surgery so if you are interested we have adult and kid sizes $3 each or 2 for $5... so help support scoliosis awareness today and everyday.. #BENTBUTNOTBROKENHAILEY2018 And be sure to post your pic with your bracelet to show your support!! " Please Contact Christine at Chrisant04@comcast if you would like to purchase a bracelet!

Clementon NJ Photographer.

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